Greetings!  As each Division’s results are announced, they will be posted here.  Division 2 and Division 3 will be posted after the 2nd preliminary round on 5/20.  Adjudicators’ comments will be distributed at the end of the competition sometime in June.  

Division 1 Preliminary Round Results

The Division I Preliminary Round was completed on Sunday May 5th.

Congratulations! The following participants have moved on to the Final Round of the Competition scheduled for Saturday, June 1.
Finalists for Division I
Sophia Fan student of Helena Vesterman
Adam Li student of Gregg Pauley
Ayla Lam student of Dorothy Shi
Ian Lin student of Tanya Schwartman
Mark Tokarev student of James Zaroulis
Hanna Suzuki student of John Stapp
Eunha Basu Student of Niva Fried
Grace Chen student of Huimin Wang
Ziling Yin student of Yidan Guo
Katherine Chen student of Eleanor McLaughlin
Thanks to all the competitors, parents, judges and volunteers who helped make for a great first weekend of the competition.