2018 Steinway Society Piano Competition Winners

Division 1 (Ages 9 and under)

1st Prize:  Chloe Tan, student of Gregg Pauley

2nd Prize: Laetitia Ji, student of Natalia Harlap

3rd Prize:  Ian Lin, student of Tanya Schwartzman

Honorable Mention:

Eunha Basu, student of Niva Fried

Norman Lu, student of Simon Xu

Claire Tong, student of Natalia Harlap

Eric Feng, student of Niva Fried

Division 2 (Ages 10 to 13)

1st Prize:  Maxine Park, student of Mila Filatova

2nd Prize:  Roxane Park, student of Mila Filatova

3rd Prize:  Logan Sherwin, student of Sonya Ovrutsky Fensome and Julia Zhou, student of Ronald Kmiec

Honorable Mention (in the following order):

1. Michael Karshis, student of Tanya Schwartzman

2. Natsuka Hayashida, student of Elizabeth Skavish

3. Selena Liu, student of Niva Fried

4. Bingye Ren, student of Rita Mikulinsky

Division 3 (Ages 14-18)


First Prize:  Niklas Kniesche, student of Jonathan Bass

Second Prize:  Kyle Chen, student of Niva Fried and Stephen Wang, student of Mila Filatova

Third Prize:  Meghan Tan, student of Natalia Harlap and Justin Gu, student of Niva Fried

Honorable mention:

Justin Veira, student of Jonathan Bass

Tomer Nuriyev, student of Tanya Schwartzman

Nathan Emans, student of Sergey Schepkin

James Kim, student of Max Levinson

Jane Hwang, student of Pavel Nersesiyan

Theodore Teng, student of A. Ramon Rivera

Justin Wang, student of Helena Vesterman

Shangyi Zhu, student of Jianyun Sun





2017 Competition Winners

Division 1 (Grades 3-4)

First Prize Adalia Wen

Second Prize Marena Chen (tie)
John Yerang Kim (tie)

Third Prize Ian James Lin (tie)
Roxane Park (tie)

Honorable Mention
William Hua
Julia Zhou
Julia Gendin

Division 2 (Grades 5-6)

First Prize Patrick Lu

Second Prize Jacqueline Zhang

Third Prize Madeline Jiang

Honorable Mention
Justin Yamaguchi
Christopher David Tillen
Logan Marcus Sherwin
Ethan Kasparian Weisman
Megan Zhang
Sara Tardif

Division 3 (Grades 7-8)

First Prize Michael Karshis

Second Prize Tomer Nuriyev (tie)
Maxine Park (tie)

Third Prize James Harang Kim

Honorable Mention
Jane Hwang
Julius Arolovitch
Khoi Le

Division 4 (Grades 9-10)

First Prize XinNan (Olivia) San

Second Prize Avik Sarkar

Third Prize Stephen Wang

Honorable Mention:

Benjamin Richman
Danika Dai
Shidong Xu
Kyle Chen
Raquel Fisk

Division 5 (Grades 11-12)

First Prize  Alexander Akopian

Second Prize  Kara Chuang

Third Prize (tie) Karen Ji, (tie) Alexander Zhong

2016 Competition Winners

Division 1 (Grades 3-4)

1st Prize: Justin Yamaguchi

2nd Prize: Gavin Valentino, Eric Zhu

3rd Prize: Emily Zhou, Alexis Chen, Marena Chen

Honorable Mention:

Collins Maguire

Nathaniel Su

Christina Xi

Emily Youm

Division 2 (Grades 5-6)

1st Prize: Natalie Zhang

2nd Prize: Michael P. Karshis, Justin Wang

3rd Prize (tie): Patrick Lu, Theo Teng

Honorable Mention:

Camelia Foroohar

Gaeun Lee

Sara Tardif

Division 3 (Grades 7-8)

1st Prize: Kyle Chen

2nd Prize: Tomer Nuriyev

3rd Prize: Justin Gu

Honorable Mention:

Emily Huang

Timothy Labounko

Alessandra Mariano

Division 4 (Grades 9-10)

1st Prize: Hannah Ryu

2nd Prize: Raquel Fisk, Karen Ji

3rd Prize: Niklas Kniesche, Avik Sarkar

Division 5 (Grades 11-12)

1st Prize: Kevin Chen

2nd Prize: Fernando J. Lopez, Amir Siraj

3rd Prize: George Hu


2015 Competition Winners

Division 1 (Grades 3-4)

1st Prize: Patrick Lu (click for bio)
2nd Prize: Annie Dai (click for bio)
3rd Prize: Natalie Yuan Zhang (click for bio)

Honorable Mention:

Ashley Xu
Christopher David Tillen
Christina Xi
Sara Tardif

Division 2 (Grades 5-6)

1st Prize: Maxine Park
2nd Prize: Justin Wang
3rd Prize (tie): Emily Huang (click for bio) and Emily Tong Wang (click for bio)

Honorable Mention:

Michael P. Karshis
Jane Hwang

Division 3 (Grades 7-8)

1st Prize: Stephen Wang
2nd Prize: Shidong Xu (click for bio)
3rd Prize: Danika Dai

Honorable Mention:

Porter Alan Matteson
Charmaine Liu

Division 4 (Grades 9-10)

1st Prize: David Kotler (click for bio)
2nd Prize: Hexue Li
3rd Prize: Niklas Kniesche (click for bio) and Jacob Kline

Division 5 (Grades 11-12)

1st Prize: Wynne Yao
2nd Prize: George Hu and Isaac Sebenius
3rd Prize: Michelle Chen


2014 Competition Winners

Division 1 (Grades 3-4)

1st Prize: Katherine E. Liu (Wellesley, MA)
2nd Prize (tie): Michael P. Karshis (Foxboro, MA) and Jacqueline Zhang (Newton, MA)
3rd Prize: Justin Wang (Northborough, MA)

Division 2 (Grades 5-6)

1st Prize: George Kiu (Boston, MA)
2nd Prize (tie): Rubin Zou (Nashua, NH) and Danika S. Dai (Lexington, MA)
3rd Prize (tie): Kyle Chen (Groton, MA)
Christopher Zhu (Needham, MA)

Division 3 (Grades 7-8)

1st Prize: Avik Sarkar (Chestnut Hill, MA)
2nd Prize: Niklas Kniesche (Providence, RI)
3rd Prize: Sophie Chen (Shrewsbury, MA)

Division 4 (Grades 9-10)

1st Prize: Victor Li (Wayland, MA)
2nd Prize (tie): Kevin Chen (Andover, MA) and Yiming Li (Natick, MA)
3rd Prize (tie): Amir Siraj (Brookline, MA) and Amber Wolf (Newton, MA)

Division 5 (Grades 11-12)

1st Prize: Angelique Scully (Franklin, MA)
2nd Prize: Daniel Kim (Lexington, MA)
3rd Prize (tie): Anastasia Dulsky (Windham, NH) and Phuong Nghi Pham (Boston, MA)

Honorable Mentions (all divisions):

Natalie Yuan Zhang (Wayland, MA)
Emily Tong Wang (Newtonville, MA)
Allison Jodoin (Sandwich, MA)
Kenichiro Takeoka (Newton, MA)
Dylan Wang (Brookline, MA)
Jamin Liu (Newton, MA)
Shidong Xu (Brookline, MA)
Karen Ji (Bourne, MA)
Kara Chuang (Wayland, MA)
Michelle Chen (Acton, MA)
Hexue Li (Natick, MA)

2013 Competition Winners

Division 1

1st Prize: Meghan Tan
2nd Prize: Dylan Wang
3rd Prize: Julius Arolovich and Justin Wang
Honorable Mentions: George Kiu, Rin Miyoshi, Emilia Spasojevic, Steven Zhang

Division 2

1st Prize: Hannah Ryu and Avik Sarkar
2nd Prize: Christopher Zhu
3rd Prize: Fianna Ton
Honorable Mention: Kyle Chen

Division 3

1st Prize: Kevin Chen and Peter Wang
2nd Prize: Kara Chuang
3rd Prize: Lauren Jiang
Honorable Mentions: Niklas Kniesche, Anna Larsen, Karen R. Ji, Geo Lee

Division 4

1st Prize: Minji Kwon
2nd Prize: Bryan Alexander McGuiggin
3rd Prize: George Hu and Daniel Shaar

Division 5

1st Prize: Christopher Staknys
2nd Prize: Phuong Nghi Tran Pham
3rd Prize: Yong Murray and Harvey Wu

Congratulations to all for their hard work and excellence in the competition.

We would like to thank this year’s judges:
Divisions 1, 2 and 3: Valentina Lass, Marina Magazinnik and Heng-Jin Park
Divisions 4,5: Tema Blackstone, Michael Lewin and Andrew Rangell.

2012 Competition Winners

Division 1

1st place: Rubin Zou
2nd place: Avik Sarkar
3rd place: Hannah Ryu
Honorable Mention: Jamin Liu and Deanna Neff

Division 2

1st Place: Niklas Kniesche
2nd Place: Michelle Chen and Karen R. Ji
3rd Place: Amir Siraj and Anna Shi

Division 3

1st place: Peter (Chuang-Chuang) Fang
2nd place (Ex-aequo): Daniel Kim and Yoko Ellie Fukumura
3rd place (Ex-aequo): Vanessa Meiling Haynes and Phuong Nghi Pham

Congratulations to all for their hard work and excellence in the competition.

We would like to thank this year’s judges Roxana Bajdechi, Boaz Sharon and Stephen Porter.

To clarify, only the First Prize winners from the previous years are prohibited from entering the subsequent year’s competition. So anyone awarded second, third, or honorable mention qualifies for the next year’s competition.

2011 Competition Winners

Division 1

1st place: Elizabeth Winslow Maimone
2nd place: Leon Fan
3rd place: Rubin Zhu
Honorable Mention: Kyle Chen, Amir Siraj, Elizabeth Zhang

Division 2

1st Place: TIE: Victor Li
Kevin Chen
2nd Place: TIE: Siddharth Arun
Daniel Shaar
3rd Place: Victor Zhang
Honorable Mention: Xuan Chau, Tiffany Lu, Kevin Sherman

Division 3

1st place: Luke Halberstadt—BACH
2nd place: Lana Suran—DUMKA
3rd place: TIE: Oliver Xie—SCARLATTI
Raagini Rameshwar—MOZART
Honorable Mention: Kevin Ren, Layla Siraj

2010 Competition Winners

First Division Winners (ages 9 and under):

1st place – Jessica Gao
2nd place – Simonida Spasojevic
3rd place – Ririko Uchida
Honorable Mentions: Leon Fan, Elizabeth Zhang, and Rubin Zou

Second Division Winners (ages10-12):

1st Place – Andrew Li
2nd Place – Yinian Tang
3rd Place (tie)- Kevin Zhu
3rd Place (tie) Kevin Chen
Honorable Mentions: Sarah Goodman, Kevin Ren, Amir Siraj.

Third Division Winners (ages 13-18):

1st Place- Chi Wei Lo
2nd Place (tie)- Mackenzie Melemed
2nd Place (tie)- Eun Mee Hong
3rd Place- Yong Murray
Honorable Mentions: Eric Zhang, Matthew Wu, Winston Huang, Henry Zavriyen.

Division 4 Winners

1st Prize – Not Awarded
2nd Place – Marion Scott
3rd Prize – Not Awarded

2009 Competition Winners

First Division Winners (ages 9 and under):

1st Prize: Andrew Li

2nd Prize: (split) Amir Siraj

2nd Prize: (split) Kara Chuang

3rd Prize: Anna Larsen

Honorable Mention: Kevin Chen

Second Division Winners (ages10-12):

1st Prize: (split) Kadar Qian

1st Prize: (split) Seho Young

2nd Prize: Christopher Staknys

3rd Prize: Daniel Kim

Honorable Mention: Kevin Zhu, Victor Li, Derek Wang

Third Division Winners (ages 13-18):

1st Prize: Emma Liu

2nd Prize: Mackenzie Melemed

3rd Prize: Tristan Smith

Honorable Mention: Elias Dagher, Kayo Nagai, Winston Huang, Liang-Shun Lim, Silas Chan

2008 Competition Winners

1st Prize: Joshua Curtis, from West Hatfield, MA, attends Smith Academy and Studies with Jonathan Bass at the New England Conservatory.

2nd Prize: Wei Liang Kung, from Natick, MA, attends Walnut Hill School and studies with Natalia Harlap at the New England Conservatory.

3rd Prize: Ariel Borenzstein, from Lexington, MA, attends Lexington High School and has been accepted to every college he has applied to for music including Harvard, Yale, and Oberlin.

Honorable Mention: Jeremy You, Jeffrey You, brothers from Newton, MA.

Honorable Mention: Henry Zavriyev, 8th grader from Swampscott, MA.

2nd Division Winners (ages 19-35):

1st Prize: Oleksandr Poliykov, born in Kiev Ukraine in 1988, resides in Boston, MA. Studies with Michael Lewin at the the Boston Conservatory. Has performed with many orchestras in Europe, won Grand Prize in a piano competition in Lonigo Italy in 2005, 3rd prize at the Vladimir Horowitz International Piano Compeitition in Ukraine (2007).

2nd Prize: Yelena Beriyeva, from Georgia in the former Soviet Union, resides in Boston, MA. First appeared with orchestra in Georgia at age 5. Performed in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Russia and the US with major symphonies. Has a masters of Piano Performance from the New England Conservatory, where she studied with Alexander Korsantia.

3rd Prize (tie): Jai Won Choi, lives in Boston, MA, studies at the New England Conservatory.

3rd Prize (tie): Andrei Baumann, lives in Boston, studies at the New England Conservatory.

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