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Division 1 (Ages 9 and under)

1st Prize:  Chloe Tan, student of Gregg Pauley

2nd Prize: Laetitia Ji, student of Natalia Harlap

3rd Prize:  Ian Lin, student of Tanya Schwartzman

Honorable Mention:

Eunha Basu, student of Niva Fried

Norman Lu, student of Simon Xu

Claire Tong, student of Natalia Harlap

Eric Feng, student of Niva Fried

Division 2 (Ages 10 to 13)

1st Prize:  Maxine Park, student of Mila Filatova

2nd Prize:  Roxane Park, student of Mila Filatova

3rd Prize:  Logan Sherwin, student of Sonya Ovrutsky Fensome and Julia Zhou, student of Ronald Kmiec

Honorable Mention (in the following order):

1. Michael Karshis, student of Tanya Schwartzman

2. Natsuka Hayashida, student of Elizabeth Skavish

3. Selena Liu, student of Niva Fried

4. Bingye Ren, student of Rita Mikulinsky

Division 3 (Ages 14-18)

First Prize:  Niklas Kniesche, student of Jonathan Bass

Second Prize:  Kyle Chen, student of Niva Fried and Stephen Wang, student of Mila Filatova

Third Prize:  Meghan Tan, student of Natalia Harlap and Justin Gu, student of Niva Fried

Honorable mention:

Justin Veira, student of Jonathan Bass

Tomer Nuriyev, student of Tanya Schwartzman

Nathan Emans, student of Sergey Schepkin

James Kim, student of Max Levinson

Jane Hwang, student of Pavel Nersesiyan

Theodore Teng, student of A. Ramon Rivera

Justin Wang, student of Helena Vesterman

Shangyi Zhu, student of Jianyun Sun

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