The Steinway Society of Massachusetts and M. Steinert & Sons

Division I

First Prize – Adam Li student of Gregg Pauley

Second Prize – Ziling Yin student of Yidan Guo

Third Prize – Eunha Basu student of Niva Fried & Grace Chen student of Huimin Wang

Division II

First Prize – Henry Tushman student of Dr. Sandra Hebert

Second Prize – Emily Zhou student of Niva Fried & Benjamin Shaar student of Nilly Shilo

Third Prize – Norman Lu student of Dorothy Shi

Honorable Mention

Roxane Park student of Mila Filatova

Madeline Jiang student of Lu Lu

Neil Nori student of Natalia Harlap

Division III

First Prize

Second Prize – Kyle Chen student of Niva Fried & James Kim student of Max Levinson

Third Prize – Logan Sherwin student of Sonya Ovrutsky Fensome

Honorable Mention –

Elizabeth Zhang student of Natalia Harlap

Yinuo Wang Student of Ya-Fei Chuang

Hyuntae Choi student of Heng-Jin Park  

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