It gives us great pleasure to announce this year’s WINNERS of the 2020 Steinway Society Piano Competition!! Congratulations to all the winners and their teachers on all your hard work!!!

Special THANKS to our wonderful team of judges who gave so generously of their time for this year’s Competition – Dr. Lisa Cleveland, Professor Michael Kramer and Professor Konstantinos Papadakis.

Division III

ages 15 to 18

First Place – Maxine Park
Student of Mila Filatova & Alexander Korsantia

Second Place – Michael Karshis
Student of Tanya Schwartzman

Third Place – Gaeun Lee
Student of Niva Fried

Third Place – Meghan Tan
Student of Natalia Harlap

Honorable Mentions

Elizabeth Zhang
Student of Alexander Korsantia

Sofia Marina
Student of Natalia Harlap

Danika Dai
Student of Nilly Shilo

Alessandra Mariano
Student of Mila Filatova

Division II

ages 11 to 14

First Place – Chloe Tan
Students of Gregg Pauley

Second Place – Sara Tardif
Student of HuiMin Wang

Third Place – Norman Lu
Student of Dorothy Shi

Honorable Mentions

Adalia Wen
Student of Mana Tokuno

Maxwell Huang
Student of Faina Kofman

Bingye Ren
Students of A. Ramòn Rivera

Emily Zhou
Students of Niva Fried

Division I

ages 10 and under

First Place – Ian Lin
Student of Tanya Schwartzman

Second Place – Masanobu Pires
Student of Bianca Oglice

Third Place – Eunha Basu
Student of Niva Fried

Third Place – Sophia Popescu
Student of Tanya Schwartzman

Honorable Mentions

Hanna Suzuki
Student of Hitomi Koyama

Kailin Zhang
Student of Natalia Harlap

Claire Huang
Student of Tong Liu

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