Upon confirmation of your paid registration, you will receive an email from Ms. Christina Dietrich with your competitor number and the link to the competition video submission form. 


Please review  this video for an overview of the video submission process (these are the same rules and tips from the 2020 competition).   

Recording guidelines and tips for the Steinway Society Piano Competition:

We are simulating the environment and requirements of a live competition: One Recording – both pieces performed during the same video session.

Tips for recording:

  • Only one camera angle and position please.
  • Clean the camera lens and orient the camera in landscape mode.
  • Position the camera so that the performer is in clear view – including feet/pedals, and so that the entire length of the piano is visible.
  • If using a separate microphone and synchronizing audio/video in post-production, make sure that the audio track is aligned with the video correctly.
  • If using a separate microphone or a camera with a microphone setting, set it to MANUAL, and test the input gain on the microphone to make sure that it is not set too high: perform a sound check with the microphone playing as loud as possible to make sure that clipping – overwhelming the microphone does not occur. If it does, lower the microphone input gain and try again.
  • Note: It is impossible to completely reverse an “over-gained” microphone track, but always possible to boost the audio in post-production if necessary.
  • For the camera, make sure to set the focus to locked – can be done on phones or cameras, to where it locks on the performer and hands.
  • Make sure that the exposure (brightness) is not set so high as to not be able to see the individual keys.
  • At the start of your recording please remember to say your Division Number and Competitor Number, and the composer, complete title, including key, opus, and movement of the piece you are playing.  Do NOT say your name.
  • Have fun!

For more information see the  Competition Rules.

If you should have questions please contact Christina Dietrich at christinad@steinwaysocietymass.org